Minecraft PvP Server: Making a Base

Today we discuss how to build a secure base on a Minecraft PvP Server

On almost all Minecraft PvP servers, raiding and griefing is allowed. With this addition to the server, comes the worry of “how to make a base that wont be found?”, and today we will answer that. In this post, we will tell you how to make a nice and scure base on your favorite Minecraft PvP Server. There are a few types of bases you can make on your Minecraft PvP Server


The max build limit is usually 256 or 255 blocks high on the Y-axis, which is why people make skybases by pillaring up to a few block below this level and having a structure entirely made of chests and or trapped chests. The main reason why this is a good idea is because chests of any sort cant be rendered in from the ground, so people passing by looking for raids wont be able to see it from the ground...

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Minecraft Factions Server: Owning a Faction

Whenever you are on a Minecraft Factions Server you will be part of a faction, today we will tell you guys all of the basic commands to help you handle the faction.

When you join a new Minecraft Factions Server and you want to make a faction, if you’re new to the factions environment then you will not know how to create your own faction. To create your own faction you /f create <name> which will create a faction and make you the admin and controller of that faction

Creating a Faction

When creating a faction you should choose a name that will be seen as cool by other players on the Minecraft Factions Server. Then after that you should get some of your friends, whether it be from in real life or from online, and invite them to your faction using /f invite <username>. Accidentally invite the wrong player? No problem! You can simply type /f deinvite <username> and it will revoke the invitation...

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Minecraft PvP Server: How to Get Armor

In this post we tell you guys how to get the best armor on a Minecraft PvP Server

On your favourite Minecraft PvP Server, there is probaly a /warp pvp, and you dont want to show up there without some decent armor. So in this guide I will be telling you about how to get some decent armor that will give you a fair chance in PvP.

What Armor to Choose

Good armor for PvP’ing is anything with the protection enchantment, the reason this armor is so good is because it reduces enemy attacks by an amount depending on the level of protection you have on it. The range for protection armor is 1-4, although they will be represented in roman numerals. To make your armor even better you should find some or get some with the unbreaking enchantment, the range for this is 1-3, also represented in roman numerals. The reason unbreaking is so good on your protection armor is bec...

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Mining on a Minecraft Survival Server

Today we tell you the best techniques of mining on a Minecraft Survival Server

Once you joined your Minecraft Survival Server you are now in need of some great methods for getting minecraft ores. The reason you need these ores is so that you can make armor, trade it for other items with players, making tools such as swords, making other items that require these ores and if you are an expert at redstone, then you will need to go mining for redstone.

Pick Your Tool

Before we even start with how to find ores on a Minecraft Survival Server, let me tell you what type of Pickaxe you would want to get for this. I would recommend getting a Diamond Pickaxe for the long durability, enchanted with Fortune 3, for the triple ore drops, Efficiency 4 or 5, so mining is faster, and
unbreaking so your pickaxe lasts a long time. Now lets get into how to get these ores...

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Minecraft PvP Server: How to Play

In this post we tell you how to play on a Minecraft PvP Server

When people first join our Minecraft PvP Server they often ask the questions, “What do I do?” or “Where do I go?”, and these are common questions, with simple answers.

On any Minecraft PvP Server the main focus is of course to get resources and build up some armor and weapons so that you can fight the other players, and hopefully win.

Minecraft PvP Server Tips

First of all, you’re going to want to get at least a set of iron tools and a set of iron armor. If you are just starting off on a server this is going to help you if you are jumped in the wild and attacked. If you can get better armor, then take the offer. Secondly, try and join a faction or start your own...

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Minecraft UHC Server: What is UHC?

In this post we talk about what a Minecraft UHC Server is

Ultra Hardcore, more commonly known as UHC, is a popular gamemode on a Minecraft UHC Server in which players or teams are put into an arena with limited borders and are supposed to use the environment around them to gather armor, weapons and other resources to fight the other players or teams.

Health and Potions on a Minecraft UHC Server

One of the major features of this gamemode is the addition of no health regeneration, meaning that you have to gather gold from mining and craft golden apples, or you need to travel to the nether and brew some potions. After you die, you cannot respawn and you are out of the game. With this in mind, you must consider every move you make so that you do not die to something silly like suffocating very early in the game...

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Raiding on a Minecraft PvP Server

Today we talk about different methods of raiding on a Minecraft PvP Server

Lots of Minecraft PvP Servers have the factions plugin as their main feature, and along with this they usually have raiding and griefing to go along with the idea of faction wars. Raiding other factions is a great way to get loot to get yourself more items on the server you are playing on as well as making you and your faction more known across the server.

Finding Raids on a Minecraft PvP Server

Well, how do you even start to find a raid? If the Minecraft PvP Server you are on has the Factions plugin installed then you can run around in the wilderness and use /f map on. The f map will allow you to see other claims by other factions, in a factions claimed land you cannot build or break blocks...

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Minecraft Creative Server Facts

Here we talk about the different aspects of our Minecraft Creative Server

If you are a regular player on the HaxirCraft Network you will know that we recently added a Minecraft Creative Server to our Network. Following our previous post about Minecraft Factions Server Facts, I will be doing a similar post for our Mineraft Creative Server.

Building Skills

This is the most important of all the points I will cover. Over the time you spend on the Minecraft Creative Server you will discover some different building patterns and methods. To help you gather a set of building skills you can do a few things such as looking at other peoples builds and taking a look at their building style, but don’t copy their style...

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Minecraft Factions Server And The Facts

When playing on a Minecraft Factions Server there are some things you will need to know.

When you play a Minecraft Factions Server there are a lot of things that you have to understand will indefinitely happen to you. No matter how hard you try to prevent them from happening to you they will definitely come your way.

Being Raided

No matter how hard you try to prevent from your base being griefed and raided on a Minecraft Factions Server, people will find it and will take your diamonds. You can try protect your base by building it underwater or surrounding it in obsidian, although a lot of servers have a feature called Obsidian Breaker which allows TNT to do damage to obsidian. This means that if someone uses a TNT cannon it will do damage to your base and will definitely help players raid you.

PvP’ing on a Minecraft Factions Server

You will be PvP’ing other players at some poi...

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How to PvP on a Minecraft PvP Server

In this post we tell you the best ways to PvP on a Minecraft PvP Server

Minecraft PvP Server’s can be a bit tricky at times, but if you follow these simple steps you will be a PvP god with pro god top skill in no time!

Getting the Gear

The first thing you want to do is find a good Minecraft PvP Server, such as HaxirCraft. Once you have played on there a little bit and gotten a fair amount of good gear, you should visit the servers PvP arena’s when there are other players online and PvP them! If you need help knowing what gear you should gather, read our post on what you should take with you when PvP’ing here.

Getting an Opponent

When PvP’ing it is important to find a good opponent, if you go down into a PvP zone on a Minecraft PvP Server then you should try find someone who has similar gear to yourself...

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