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Hey peoples, this is just a quick post about our upcoming Minecraft Server Guides section. These guides will be ranged from incredibly simple minecraft features top some very complex minecraft features, such as redstone contraptions. The Minecraft Server Guides section will be launched on Monday the 20th and there will guides posted at least once a week, if not more! If you have any guide requests then feel free to request them in the section, so that we keep a nice neat look on the forums please have your topic title with the prefix 'REQUEST:' so that we are able to easily see what guides have been requested. Bye guys!
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Sneak peak of the hub spawn^^.

Hey guys! This post is going to be dedicated to the new hub server I have been preparing for a few weeks. After a months of wanting to the minecraft hub server to revolve around the minecraft factions server I decided that it would most likely be disruptive to those who play on the minecraft factions server regularly due to players joining and leaving. So, without further ado, let me give you a brief description about the 8 minecraft gamemodes that will be on the HaxirCraft Network. These changes will be happening on the 9th and if more time is needed the 10th of April.

Factions Server [Online]
As most of you already know, our factions server is a PvP, griefing and raiding minecraft server. We offer a variety of features such as shops, custom recipes, collecting players heads, crates, donor ranks and a lot more! The factions server...
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Hey guys! Throughout Friday I have been adding and changing some server features, in this post I will be explaining what those changes are and what I have added to the minecraft factions server. If you want something added to the server or feel like something should be changed then send us a suggestion at Suggest.HaxirCraft.com.

Custom Recipes
This is one of those things I have wanted to add for a while but could never really think of how to go about doing, I am happy that I finally got around to adding them. The custom recipes which I have added to the minecraft factions server are:
  • Saddles
  • Mooshroom Eggs
  • Gold Blocks
  • Creeper Eggs
  • Name Tags
  • Horse Armor (The original recipe which was removed from the game itself, all different types are available)
You can see how to craft them at /warp recipes in game!

Hunger Games & Sky Wars
We have had...
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Hey guys! It's been a very long time since I've posted an update on our minecraft server, but the reason for that comes with a good excuse, I promise! During this update post I'm going to be covering a lot of things about our minecraft server as well as some incredibly exciting new features that I will soon be adding to the HaxirCraft Network.

PvP Arena
At the beginning of March I made the PvP arena (build by Infa, Cabby and Dgy, sorry if I forgot your name here!) public to the community. We haven't had a PvP arena in a few months so the majority of you guys were happy. You can access it by typing /warp pvp on the server.

3rd Year Anniversary
I had previously mentioned that it was the HaxirCraft Network's 3 year anniversary on the 3rd of March and I had set up some fun events, although due to some issues we had I never really got to do those unfortunately. Nonetheless I'm surprised that we've made it to 3 years!

Factions Scoreboard
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This blog post is dedicated to me explaining the newest HaxirCraft Network's custom plugin, HaxirCrates!

A few months back I was thinking of ways to make HaxirCraft more original before we transformed into a 1.8 minecraft server, and among other soon to be features I thought HaxirCrates which also benefits the server through voting! How do these crates work? Well...

There are 5 crates, although 6 keys.

Broken Key (Tier 1) - Can only open the Broken Crate.
Refurbished Key (Tier 2) - Can only open the Refurbished Crate.
Uncommon Key (Tier 3) - Can only open the Uncommon Crate.
Strange Key (Tier 4) - Can only open the Strange Crate.
Legendary Key (Tier 5) - Can only open the Legendary Crate.
Graham's Key (Tier 6) - Can open all crates.

These crates are located at /warp crates and...
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Hey Guys! Today I'll be discussing the upcoming Minecraft Hunger Games Server that we will be working on very soon and be launching within the next few months. Before I go into too much detail about this I would like to address the fact that this may end up in HaxirCraft becoming a hub server and therefore being known as the HaxirCraft Network, although I will go into a lot of depth about this in another post!

There are tons of minecraft hunger games servers out there so we really want to do something different and unique, something that sets us apart from the thousands of servers that already exist.

Minecraft Hunger Games Server Features

HaxirCraft will have custom additions to our Hunger Games server to make it more addicting, more fun, and keep you coming back for more. These features will include:

• Leveling of your...
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Hey guys!

Welcome to HaxirCraft's new website! Over the last few months our old website has had a lot of issues and I never got around to sorting them out, and over the last few days I decided to finally push forward and get a new site up, with a lot of help from our developer Ivan. Over the next few days I will be doing a lot with the HaxirCraft Network and advertising as much as I can, so keep an eye out for all the new features, updates and of course our good ol' monthly update post!

Keep an eye on the website for updates and other posts everyday, we may even start posting game reviews or even some Youtube videos again. Bye!

Note: If you find any bugs or glitches with our site please report them to us by posting on our forums under the 'Bugs & Glitches' section.